Corentin Bigot
Corentin BigotNaval Architect

Corentin Bigot has a strong academic (Westlawn institute of naval technology alumni) and practical knowledge of fabrication and composite material design. This knowledge has been acquired through diverse aeronautical and shipbuilding projects.
Corentin started sailing throughout Europe at a young age. He has also ventured in the Pacific Ocean on various types of vessels (single-handled sailing, long haul and motor boats). His professional experience includes working in varied roles in numerous shipyards including design conception and project management of the construction of boats between 10 to 24m.
These experiences have given him a global vision of naval architecture and shipbuilding based on the holistic principle that “one must know how to build and maneuver a boat in order to be able to design one well ».

  • Project definition:
    – Day boating, cruising, racing, long voyage etc..
    – Area of sailing, range, crew.
    – Budget and number of boat planned.
  • Preliminary drawings:
    – Outside: design, sails calculation etc..
    – Inside: deck arrangement, outfitting.
  • All conception in 3D.
  • Discussion with the client/builder for improvement of ergonomic and feasibility.
  • Construction drawings in accordance with regulation.
  • Rhinoceros3D for complete modelisation of the design.
  • Orca 3D for hydrostatic calculation and stability.
  • VPP Windesign for sails performance and calculation.
  • Internal tools for motor boat speed prediction.
  • X Foil for shape design of rudder or keels.
  • Open Foam hull analysis and numerical tank test.
  • European Norms ISO CE and American ABYC for leisure boats.
  • TV Show on the construction of Powercat CBYD 30′ :