CBYD is ready to work with you on your projects and can offer a range of services, from initial project design to the delivery of your boat. CBYD can also team up with you in the repair or refit of your boat. Tell us about your projects, your ideas, your dreams, and we’ll work together to realise them!

Naval Architecture

CBYD can design your boat with you, based on your own vision, or through adaptation of an existing Corentin Bigot design. Once the specifications are defined, CBYD can develop a project design. Specialized in fast and light multihulls with best efficiency for the power catamarans, CBYD has the know-how to develop a project that meets your needs.

If you are hesitating between a production or a custom-built boat personalised to your needs, speak to us. We don’t pretend the prices are equivalent, but the products are incomparable and you will be surprised at how reasonable the difference in price can be.

Located close to Australia and New Zealand, with an excellent knowledge of European products, CBYD has a global vision of developments in the marine industry and is able to colour this with a personal touch.

Project Management

From the first sketch we produce together, we give thought to the management of your project. The choice is yours. CBYD will adapt to your wishes: you could decide to build your boat yourself, to contract a shipyard directly, or to ask us to undertake the work of finding an appropriate shipyard and dealing directly with it.

We can work with New Caledonian, Australian, New Zealand, Asian or European shipyards. Obviously, the choice of shipyard is of critical importance and a number of parameters must be considered (quality, cost, timing, geographic location, suppliers, import and export taxes and duties, certification authorities….). CBYD can provide advice or take on full project management or supervision on your behalf.

The range of possibilities is vast. The key is to ensure that arrangements are smooth and coherent, and especially that your boat fills you with enthusiasm!

CE Certification / Refit

For extensive refitting, CBYD can help you to define your project and make it happen. CBYD can, for example, entirely refit the interior of a vessel or CE certification of your boat.

CBYD can also make alterations to the rudders, hydrofoils, centreboards, etc. of your boat.